Brand Strategy Building Blocks: Campaign

Campaigns are about doing the work necessary to communicate a specific message to a specific group of people to achieve a specific set of objectives.


A campaign can be anything from a large multi-channel marketing campaign with videos and billboards and social media outreach, to a new set of talking points for front-line sales representatives, or even just an update to an organization’s website.

Designing a campaign always starts with identifying objectives and audiences. Once it’s clear who you need to reach and what you need them to do, then you can focus on designing the right message and do the work needed to deliver that message to them via the appropriate channels.

Identifying objectives and audiences might seem pretty straightforward, but what we’ve found is that it can be easy to think about those objectives in an overly simplistic, self-focused way.

Here’s an example: “drive more sales.” Ok, so what’s wrong with that? Well, the problem is it leads to thinking about audiences in a very superficial and overly simplistic way, like “people who need our product.”

In our experience, it’s much more useful to reframe objectives in terms of decisions that we want our audience—our clients in our case—to make. So to accomplish that, we might take the statement “drive more sales” and rework it to say: “the objective is to encourage more people to decide to buy our product.” That might seem like simple semantics, but what it does is shift the focus onto two critical components: people and decisions.

By this point in the process a good amount of thought has gone into gaining a better understanding of our clients: who they are and what matters to them. But there’s still a lot more digging for us to do. Yes, we know what’s driving them, and we feel confident that we understand what they’re trying to achieve, but what are they like? What do they care about? How do they think about themselves? And most significantly, how do they want to be perceived by others?

It’s critical that we understand our clients’ perspective on the decisions that we want them to make.


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