Finding What Matters

You know all the things that are great about your organization; you know the things that excite you; and we’re sure you have a lot of thoughts and ideas about the direction your brand should take. But it’s tough to be objective when you live and breathe your brand every day.


Also, it can often be really challenging to find exactly the right words to express what you’re truly about. But finding the right words and ideas to focus on is imperative if you’re going to lay the foundation for what you’re hoping to achieve. That’s where we can help.

We understand that you want your brand to be respected in a specific way – you want to be able to complete the sentence: “those guys are great because [blank].” It’s likely, however, that your first instinct will be to fill in that blank with a restatement of those ubiquitous values: quality and service. But to get it right, you’ve got to go one step further and ask yourself this: Why do quality and service matter to you? Why do you care about what you do? Is there something that matters to you beyond profitability?

We will often ask clients this question: If we gave you $10 million would you retire or is there something else keeping you doing what you do?

It’s a question that’s designed to help reveal the things that really matter to those running an organization. Because no matter what your profession, the thing that you do invariably impacts people’s lives in some way. You’ve got to identify who those people are and what impact you’re having on them, and why that matters to you.

When we, at Cultivate, dug deep on this question, we decided that what really matters to us is making great work. And by that we specifically mean “work” not “art.” We wanted to make things not just to please ourselves, but to make a difference for our clients. In other words, we wanted to go beyond making a statement on our own behalf, to ensure that we’re also making a statement on behalf of our clients, making sure that we’re representing their point of view, not just our own aesthetic preferences. Understanding that has allowed us to define greatness in terms of the impact we’re having rather than whether or not the things we make fit our own tastes.

So that’s what matters to us: making great work. We want to be respected as “the guys who make great work – work that really has an impact on organizations.”


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