App Design and Development

Apps can transform your organization and build your brand when they help you deliver incredible experiences for your customers or streamline your operations.

We’ve been making web and mobile apps in-house since 2008 and are focused on creating tools that are as useful as possible for the people that need to use them. The process we have developed and refined consists of the following elements:

  • Product development
  • UI/UX development
  • Conceptual model
  • Iterative delivery
  • iOS and Android
  • React and React Native
  • Cross-platform

There’s a lot to gain from providing tools that benefit an organization’s employees or customers. M+J Paving, a concrete construction and asphalt paving business, saw exactly that type of opportunity, and asked us to help them explore the possibilities.

Together, we designed and developed M+J Jobsite web and mobile applications.

Product Development

Developing useful, effective products takes more than technical know-how — it requires understanding the challenges faced by users of an application. We seek to understand the problem that needs to be solved and the people for whom that problem needs to be solved, in order to determine the most effective way to solve that problem.

Visiting active job sites and talking to the crews on the ground and in the office is critical to ensuring that their needs are appropriately served by the M+J suite of tools.

UI/UX Development

Thinking in terms of the task the user is trying to complete, as opposed to the features the application should have, results in applications that boost productivity.

M+J Jobsite takes into account the chaos of a job site and the urgency of the information being provided, and is designed to deliver that critical information as quickly and easily as possible.

Conceptual Model

Building a working model of key application concepts allows for early feedback from users and provides a foundation on which to build the full application.

Designs that look good on the screen don’t always translate well to real-life usage, so it was important to get critical M+J Jobsite features to users in the field as early as possible to ensure that real problems were being solved effectively.

Iterative Delivery

Promptly responding to feedback and quickly implementing new ideas by regularly delivering updates allows applications to grow in ways that best benefit the people who use them.

The very best ideas for M+J Jobsite have come from real users using the application and couldn’t have been anticipated at the beginning of the development process, so frequent releases of new features has been critical to success.

Some of our recent apps

Early Autism Services

Professional ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapists were given a powerful tool to help aid children in their development

Web | iOS

Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation

Dispatchers and crew were given a comprehensive set of tools to manage complex dispatch operations.

Web | iOS | Android | React.js | React Native


As an extension of the Ozinga customer experience, MyOzinga empowers users to place complex orders, track order status in real-time, and communicate with Ozinga’s customer service team by chat.

Web | iOS | Android

Ozinga Freight

Real-time fleet and load tracking keeps the location and status of each bulk material load, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries—reducing time consuming paperwork and delays.

Web | iOS | Android

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