Brand Refresh & Reposition

Your company is growing, evolving, and changing for the better. But oftentimes the people you need to reach aren’t aware — because growing, evolving, and changing for the better has occupied all of your attention.

We use the following tools to address that lack of awareness and bring perception in line with reality:

  • Strategy workshop
  • Positioning & messaging strategy
  • Visual identity design
  • Website design
  • Collateral design
  • Campaign strategy

It’s exciting to work with companies in this type of situation, like J.C. Anderson, the largest interiors-only contractor in the Chicago area. When they realized that industry perception hadn’t kept up with their true capabilities, causing them to miss out on key opportunities, they came to us.

Together, we refreshed and repositioned their brand.

Strategy Workshop

A structured workshop digs in to build a comprehensive picture of an organization and a deep understanding of who that organization needs to reach, what the organization needs them to do, and how they will benefit.

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In order to win the types of projects J.C. Anderson really wants to get after, they need to reach owners and owner’s representatives and build trust — ensuring they share in the belief that J.C. Anderson understands the vision behind the project and has what it takes to deliver.

Positioning & Messaging Strategy

A positioning and messaging strategy consists of three key components: an identity statement, a positioning idea, and a campaign concept. “Driven by what’s inside” positions J.C. Anderson as the firm that believes it’s what’s inside that matters — both in terms of what they build and who they are.

Visual identity design

Visual identity sets the tone for a brand, establishing credibility and instilling confidence and trust. An update to J.C. Anderson’s visual identity modernizes and refreshes the brand, while also honoring its legacy.

Website Design

A thoughtful approach to design results in websites that are creatively captivating, emotionally compelling, and rationally satisfying. J.C. Anderson’s new website builds on their brand message, encouraging visitors to explore what’s inside through an interactive slider and case studies that reveal the motivations behind their work.

Collateral Design

Effective print collateral leverages visually compelling design to communicate important information in a clear and efficient manner. A completely revamped, unique proposal book serves as a tactile and visual representation of J.C. Anderson’s brand message, allowing readers to see some of page one’s “Driven by what’s inside” mark through the cutouts.

Campaign Strategy

A brand refresh and reposition is only effective if it’s shared. This requires getting the word out to the right people via the right channels — a campaign strategy. A brand-centric video highlights JCA’s heavy involvement in the two-year, 15-floor Paylocity buildout. An email sent to current and potential clients introduced the new branding and announced the site launch. After announcing the website update, we leveraged social media to push traffic to the new site.

Internal Implementation

JCA employees are the best brand ambassadors. We shared the strategy with them so they could integrate it into their everyday work.

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