Positioning & Messaging Strategy

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into developing your new thing, and that matters. But because it’s new, the people who need to know about it, don’t.

We make sure we’re getting the right message to the right people using the following tools:

  • Strategy workshop
  • Positioning & messaging strategy
  • Campaign strategy

It’s fascinating to see how these challenges arise for organizations like Ozinga, a building materials company that started three new divisions — aggregate materials, logistics, and compressed natural gas — to support their primary ready mix concrete business. As the materials and logistics divisions grew in size and capability, they realized they had something special to offer to the market and came to us for help.

Together we built a positioning and messaging strategy that conveys they are much more than a concrete company.

Strategy Workshop

A structured workshop digs in to build a comprehensive picture of an organization and a deep understanding of who that organization needs to reach, what the organization needs them to do, and how they will benefit.

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Ozinga’s ability to handle both materials and logistics at the same time allows it to streamline and improve operations in ways that aren’t immediately apparent. The key to growth is communicating these unexpected advantages to owners and operations managers.

Positioning & Messaging Strategy

A positioning and messaging strategy consists of three key components: an identity statement, a positioning idea, and a campaign concept.

“Let’s get it moving” appeals to both materials providers who need to ship materials out and business owners who need to bring materials in. At the same time, it opens the door to conversations about streamlining and simplifying operations.

Campaign Strategy

A brand refresh and reposition is only effective if it’s shared. This requires getting the word out to the right people via the right channels — a campaign strategy. Visually striking panoramic photos capture Ozinga’s employees at their best and communicate the scope and scale of Ozinga’s materials and logistics operations.

A new materials and logistics web page featuring the panoramic photos captures attention and unpacks the “let’s get it moving” message, focusing on streamlining operations for owners and operations managers.

Sales reps were armed with the tools needed to communicate Ozinga’s unique mix of materials and logistics capabilities.

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