People-focused, documentary-style photography for your organization

We chronicle the events and environments that are significant and relevant to both your organization and to those you seek to serve.

Stories from the workplace

Celebrate the stories of your employees, partners, and customers, and build advocates for your organization by being advocates of them. Our storytelling approach to photography highlights the very best of people — whether that’s a laborer building in the heart of the city, a university student tending to their future, or a business owner carving out a position in a new market.

Website and social media content

Authentic communication that educates, entertains, or empowers is ultimately what helps your brand matter in the eyes of your customers. Emotive photography, as part of a cohesive and targeted brand strategy, helps to change the way your brand is perceived, expand awareness, and create experiences that matter.

A photography team that understands how Brand works

At its core, an impactful photograph is about communication — using visuals to convey a story. Our approach to photography is grounded in the belief that with a solid understanding of your objectives, we can capture the appropriate tone and use these visuals to tell the right story. Oftentimes this involves sketching out scenes and prepping alternate plans for unexpected circumstances. Day of, our goal is taking photos that are less about selling a product, and more about making people feel something — emotion that is then associated with your brand.

Melissa Morley Photographer

Melissa Morley


As a photographer, I’m less concerned about taking photos that sell a product or service. I’m more concerned about capturing a feeling and connecting it with a bigger message. Photos have the power to portray emotions — and help our clients stay relevant, visible, and matter more in the communities they serve.
Mark Wierda President / Co-founder

Mark Wierda

President / Co-founder - Photographer

We recognize that we can only help our clients matter if they first matter to us. Our crazy talented team excels in understanding what's most important in any given situation, and we're always seeking ways to create meaningful connections through brand strategy, creative campaigns, and technology tools.
Laura Farmer Senior Producer

Laura Farmer

Senior Producer

Mattering is all about filtering what’s important — not only what’s important to our target audience, but to everyone involved in making the creative, as well. I want to be there for the client and make sure the things we’re producing make sense, while at the same time listening and coaching to keep everyone focused and energized.
Emily VanHoff Art Director / Designer

Emily VanHoff

Art Director / Designer

There’s a big difference between making work that looks nice and making work that’s accomplishing what it needs to by hitting the right objectives. I’m able to create meaningful design work because I’m involved in the process — I get to know the client and the company culture, as well as the audience, helping me understand what matters. From there, it’s about how far I can push it to make something that’s interesting and impactful.