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Faith Church

Faith Church, a part of the Reformed Church in America, is committed to providing families and individuals with diverse ways to connect in community and impact their world.


– Brand Strategy
– Visual Identity + Brand Book
– Messaging Strategy

Dilution and diffusion

When expanding your faith community includes opening additional church locations, sending some of your most involved members to help get these new locations off the ground is sometimes required. This presented two potential problems: dilution of the church’s current volunteer base, and diffusion of its message. Faith Church realized they needed to get ahead of both by implementing a single, cohesive strategy that could guide the launches.

Restoring the world, one relationship at a time // Every relationship matters.

Creating a consistent, accessible message ensured the entire congregation was on the same page and empowered everyone to invest in the growth of their church community. Because the world changes during the week, not just on the weekend, and personal interaction is fundamental to restoring and transforming the world, now all members were clear on their role: building and nurturing relationships to help build and nurture Faith Church.

logos for faith church
a logo for faith church

Visual Identity

A cohesively applied brand is very important, especially for an organization that spans multiple campuses. We supplied logo and logo treatments, color, font and photography styles, along with a messaging strategy, so that everyone could talk about the brand in the same way.

Contemporary feel with traditional roots: Faith Church is established and theologically sound, and its members are tuned into the real world. For this reason, the design needs to appeal to both long-time members and the outside community.

The angle unifies the logo while indicating forward movement and growth. The top swash of the “F” gathers everything together and provides balance. As a whole, these letters are drawn to function together as a block, rather than disparate objects in a line.

Fonts & Color Palette

Faith Church fonts
white color swatch
black color swatch
wheat color swatch
Faith Church stationary


After gaining quick approval from the Church’s executive team, elders, and staff, the pastoral team wrote a four-part sermon series that immediately put these ideas into practice. The updated mission statement, vision statement, and overall messaging helped lead to unity and an overall morale boost for the entire congregation. Faith Church has since implemented this messaging throughout their website and print collateral.