IGC provides a comprehensive range of products, services, and tools for experienced independent jewelers who want to stand out and be competitive in a rapidly changing market.


– Brand Strategy
– Packaging Design
– Print Design
– Web Design
– Web Development
– Mobile App Design
– Mobile App Development
– Video Production
– Digital Marketing


The 2006 release of the movie “Blood Diamond,” coupled with a financial recession, created a crisis for IGC Brand Service’s “Southern African Diamonds” line of loose diamonds. With demand for loose diamonds waning and stigma growing, IGC realized they needed to target a new audience while promoting consumer confidence through open communication about their ethical sourcing practices.

Simply Beautiful

IGC designed the Naledi Collection, engagement and wedding rings targeted at millennials and released to retailers as part of a program that simplified the purchase process, lowered price points, and provided in-store support for retailers. The “Simply Beautiful” message was designed to speak to the brand’s beautifully uncomplicated designs, ethical sourcing practices, and straightforward sales process.


The Southern African Diamonds brand was targeted at selling diamonds to an older audience, and relied heavily on imagery that harkened back to 1930’s colonialism.

igc book pages


The new Naledi Collection brand is targeted at Millennials making bridal purchases, and focuses on high-fidelity jewelry photography paired with modern lifestyle images.

Naledi Desktop image collage
Naledi IGC rings

Website & Mobile Apps

Rich, engaging user experiences connect consumers with products and then directly to retailers.

Naledi IOS App
Naledi Collection page on desktop


In-store engagement tools provide a self-directed sales experience ideal for tech-savvy consumers.

Naledi kiosk


Over the course of the “Simply Beautiful” campaign, IGC Brand Services saw revenue increases of 250% over a time period where their industry grew only 37%, and deployed the Smart Kiosk in-store experience to 80% of new retail partners.