IGC provides a comprehensive range of diamond jewelry products, services, and tools for experienced independent jewelers who want to stand out and be competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Post rename and rebrand, a new line called the Naledi Collection emerged. The “Simply Beautiful” campaign targeted millennials and included a new website and apps that connected consumers with products before driving them to retailers. We also designed an in-store smart kiosk built around a custom iPad app that offered a self-directed sales experience. IGC experienced a 250% revenue increase despite only 37% growth in the industry.

The app was really the clincher for us. We were a preferred app for anything that was related to bridal. Being featured in the AppStore gave us a tremendous amount of credibility when we were talking to jewelers. It was really professionally done, and they did a remarkable job on it.

Our sales pitch was built on this campaign and it was the core of our selling strategy. It had a dramatic impact and it turned us around. Once we brought the program to mobile, we were growing at 30% a year.
Cofounder and former president of IGC Brands