Ozinga is a fourth-generation, family-owned business providing concrete, materials, logistics, and energy solutions. For over 90 years, Ozinga has offered the highest quality and best service in the Midwest and beyond.

Cultivate has been Ozinga’s primary marketing resource since 2005. Never one to shy away from a challenge and hungry for continued growth, together we’ve embarked on a rebrand, multiple brand awareness campaigns, and the development of two custom apps: one that allows Ozinga’s customers to place and track their material orders in real time and another that has since become one of the most popular material calculators on the app store, with over 1M calculations since its launch. Our work helped Ozinga expand its footprint and grow through acquisition, with multiple companies approaching them after learning about the values of the company having seen their marketing efforts. Ozinga also experienced a steady and continued increase in top talent inquiring about jobs, from drivers to the executive level, with Marty Ozinga believing the brand work is the reason for their continued success.

"We’ve seen significant improvement in brand awareness. That has led to the attraction of people to come to work for us. And it’s also opened doors with prospective clients. I would say it led to doors opening with government officials and other people with whom we're trying to work in the community."
Marty Ozinga, President
"When we were facing a hiring crisis, Cultivate partnered with us to create a strong message and integrated marketing campaign that filled our recruitment pipeline with experienced, well-qualified drivers—allowing us to meet and exceed our hiring needs for the year. In a time when there was a driver shortage and a lot of competition for qualified trucks drivers, the Born to Build campaign helped us rise above chatter."
Tim Ozinga, Director of Marketing & Communications