Inner City Impact Rebrands as ICI, Boosts Engagement

There’s never been a limit to the number of kids that Inner City Impact is able to reach with programs and services other than those placed by their resources. Like many non-profits serving for many decades, ICI’s main problem was that their donor base was aging and that they had become dependent primarily on large, one-time donors. To secure a more solid and reliable financial foundation, they knew they needed to recruit a larger base of monthly donors.

Working together with ICI, we started with a revamp of the organization’s visual identity, creating a more contemporary image to reinforce the relevance of the 45 year old ministry. To go along with that, we developed an apparel strategy paired with photography that directly associated the new visual identity with the staff and the kids; created a fundraising campaign with a video centerpiece, updated informational collateral, and donation cards; and constructed a banquet strategy to ensure consistent, clear communication of the critical work that ICI is doing.

Following implementation of these strategies, ICI very quickly experienced significantly more interest in their work: Their updated visual identity is drawing more people to the website and the banquet doubled their total number of monthly donors. Currently, we are rolling out several social media campaigns to support ongoing fundraising efforts and, given the positive response we’ve seen so far, we’re very excited to see how the momentum continues to build.


Experiencing the love of God can cause a child to rethink their worldview, reimagine their self-worth, rewrite their future and ultimately be reborn.
This video illustrates the hope that comes from children experiencing the love of God through the staff at Inner City Impact.


ICI (Inner City Impact) works with children and teens in neighborhoods where the status quo is unacceptable, building healthy relationships, engaging them in wholesome activities, providing programs to teach them life skills and leadership, and allow them to experience the love of Christ.