Truant Brewing

A Colorado-based brewery that prioritizes taste over trends by brewing barrel-fermented (which are also sometimes barrel-aged) beers.


– Brand Strategy
– Visual Identity
– Packaging
– Photography

In need of a plan

Already head brewer at Denver’s successful Ursula Brewery, Truant co-owner Dave Olson wanted to take his home brewing to the next level by selling his thoughtfully crafted, barrel-fermented beers — but he realized that for the launch to be successful, he needed a strategic approach. This required determining the foundational ideas for the brand, like Truant’s position relative to the market, its ideal audience and how those beer lovers want to be validated, and messaging that draws in that audience without alienating others.

Beer with a story to tell

Because Truant beers are brewed using Old World methods, the end product is ultimately very taste-driven and complex. The tagline “Beer with a story to tell” keys in on both the thoughtfulness of Truant’s brewing process and the complexity of taste, appealing directly to craft beer lovers who will appreciate these nuances.

Visual Identity

Drop caps have historically been used in print to start a new chapter or idea, and they often contain illustrative elements that hint at the story ahead. Truant’s drop cap, which serves as the brand’s icon, contains the essential ingredients of beer and is appreciative of the brand’s Old World craft while still being clean and modern.

Additional storytelling elements were represented in the packaging, via a detailed beer description featured prominently on the label and background elements and colors that reflect those styles.

truant bottle label
truant beer labels
truant brewing
truant brewing


Now armed with the strategy and visual identity needed to launch their brand, Truant Brewing is excited to tell their story when they open the doors to their Colorado brewery in the near future.