This holiday season, we partnered with Ozinga to give one of these trucks the full Christmas treatment—20,000 programmed LED lights that are preprogrammed to dance to a variety of Christmas songs. Introducing the Merry Mixer.

As a family-owned, fourth generation business, Ozinga loves to make the construction industry relevant and accessible to the general public. Their employees have a true passion for the company, and it’s no wonder—they do high quality work with high quality materials, and they do it all with joy.

Tim Ozinga, one of the Ozinga brothers, had always wanted to deck out a concrete truck with lights to celebrate Christmas, the construction industry, and the hard work of Ozinga employees.

Behind the Scenes

We used creativity, programming and design skills, music choices from our very own DJ Stevie D, and adhesive pads, ropes, and zip ties to make this dream a reality.

The Merry Mixer can be seen throughout the midwest all of December, making stops everywhere from parades to children’s hospitals to spread some Christmas cheer.

About Ozinga

Ozinga is a family-owned, American company dedicated to serving customer, co-worker, and community. Ozinga provides concrete, bulk materials, and energy solutions while offering transportation services through an extensive network of truck, rail, barge, and ship terminals.