Early Autism Services

EAS develops personalized behavioral therapy programs that enable families to work hand in hand with licensed ABA professionals to create positive interactions and measurable outcomes for children with autism.

After developing a brand strategy that included the tagline “Passionate about potential,” highlighting the compassionate care they provide and their focus on outcomes, we built an app that empowers their team to carry out the therapy process in support of families with children with autism. While ABA therapy is a longstanding, tried and true approach to care for those with autism, no tools like this existed. Previously entirely paper-based, this app minimizes admin time and paperwork, allowing their therapists to focus on delivering quality care. EAS can now manage clients and their individualized therapy plan, record outcomes of daily sessions, visualize client progress and evaluate outcomes, and maintain clinical notes—eliminating thousands of hours of busywork and equipping the EAS teams to provide unparalleled services

What they delivered to us is so much cleaner than anything else in the market. We’ve gained about 7% efficiency from the app on every single session that we run. The impact of that financially has been incredible.
CEO of Early Autism Services