Roseland Christian Ministries is a comprehensive ministry located in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood that uses all available resources to provide places where everyone is welcome and programs that care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

Together with RCM’s leadership team we rebranded the ministry. This included the development of a new website, built to bring the “Come as you are” tagline to life via photography and corresponding interviews that highlight the beauty that exists in this neighborhood, despite its challenges. The rebrand created new energy and excitement within the donor community surrounding the non-profit and resulted in a 12% increase in donations from the previous year, and the website has driven inquiries that have led to grant awards and important relationships. View website.

Thanks to Cultivate’s work, we can tell our story better. We can now project a clearer sense of who we are and what our objectives are. We go into meetings with donors and potential sponsorship partners, and we have a lot of confidence in how we talk about ourselves. That’s turned into support for the ministry, which has allowed us to have more of an impact in the community.
Executive Director of Roseland Christian Ministries