Albert Whitman & Company has published award-winning children’s books since 1919. Their portfolio includes The Boxcar Children series, first published in 1942 and beloved by generations.

We worked with the Albert Whitman team on a complete rebrand, breathing new life into the franchise to appeal to a new generation of readers. The “It’s more than just a mystery” tagline highlights the fact that The Boxcar Children books, while full of fun and adventure, have more to offer. We developed supporting collateral that positioned the series in an appealing, relevant way just in time for the 75th anniversary. That work served as a springboard for launching a new series of books—which sold out before the holidays and led to a 40% increase in overall sales as well as streaming and television opportunities.

Cultivate understood the secret sauce of these books and why they've lasted so long. I go to trade shows and hear people say, "They updated the Boxcar Children and it looks so great!" I've never once heard negative feedback on the rebrand.

The year that we rebranded, our sales were up 25-30% over the previous year for all of Boxcar Children. It worked exactly the way that we hoped that it would.
Sales & Marketing Director, Albert Whitman & Company