Roseland Christian Ministries

A comprehensive ministry located in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood that uses all available resources to provide places where everyone is welcome and programs that care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.


-Brand Strategy
-Visual Identity
-Website Development

Losing its base

Roseland Christian Ministries has maintained a strong presence in the Roseland neighborhood since 1976, serving the community through initiatives like the thrift store, women’s and children’s shelter, lunch program, youth group, and Sunday worship services. Because these efforts are funded mainly by private donors, many of whom are aging, leadership recognized a need to communicate their mission in a way that inspired younger donors to donate to this underserved community.

Come as you are

At Roseland Christian Ministries, church is much more than just a congregation or a community — it’s a calling. This organization is rooted in the belief that we should accept all people as our neighbors, in a way that’s true to Jesus’ teachings and mission. “Come as you are” communicates that to RCM, success isn’t driven by data; it’s driven by the non-judgemental, compassionate care offered to all who enter through their doors.

People-centric Perspective

“People-centric perspective” functions as a separate message for donors. It conveys that because RCM’s focus is on the person rather than the problem, the organization offers a unique opportunity to make a direct impact — while serving as a reminder that real people are at the heart of every social issue.

roseland logo
roseland visual identity

Visual Identity

Working from the “come as you are” message, we built an identity that feels welcoming and modern. Signage is central to the visual identity, and we were inspired by barbershops and theatres as casual gathering places that are welcoming to all.

The new logos for Roseland Christian Ministries and The Center draw on signage elements from these types of establishments, using the hand-painted script, condensed sans serif, and marquee message board typography common to both. The Roseland type treatment uses interlocking letterforms that work together to form the whole, just as the people of Roseland — and their various shapes, sizes, and circumstances — help shape this vibrant community.

Fonts & Color Palette

Body copy treatment. This is an example of the font size, weight, and line height for the general body copy used through out the website.





roseland website


The new website speaks directly to potential donors, leading with compelling imagery and a call to make a real impact in the lives of Roseland residents.

roseland website

Beautiful People

We interviewed and photographed Roseland residents who use RCM’s services, highlighting the beauty that exists in the neighborhood, despite its challenges. We also spoke with donors, giving the website audience a peek into the benefits of serving this community.

roseland website
roseland website


Roseland Christian Ministries now has a messaging strategy and a visual identity that work hand in hand to communicate its mission and why others should get involved. These have already been applied to the website, donor outreach programs and internal communication, and will soon inform additional collateral and social media efforts.