Ozinga releases updates to MyOzinga

Ozinga’s drive to help contractors build better businesses led them, in 2007, to create MyOzinga, a web-based tool that allowed customers to easily access information about their orders, invoices, and payments. But by 2017 technology had progressed significantly, and Ozinga saw an opportunity to use mobile applications to provide the accurate, real-time data that contractors need to operate efficiently in the field.

Working closely with Ozinga’s internal IT team, we developed a completely revamped web application designed specifically around the needs of back office staff, as well as native iOS and Android applications designed specifically around the needs of foremen and project managers. Providing real-time data to field staff enables them to make more informed decisions in the field, increasing effectiveness. Accurate billing and payment information, including detailed ticket information, allows back office staff to operate more efficiently.

Officially released at the end of August 2017, the improved applications have received rave reviews from customers. We can’t wait to see how adoption grows over time, and are eager to start working on the next set of improvements.


Ozinga is a family-owned, American company dedicated to serving customer, co-worker, and community. Ozinga provides concrete, bulk materials, and energy solutions while offering transportation services through an extensive network of truck, rail, barge, and ship terminals.