Ozinga tells “Stories from the Job Site”

As the leaders of a fourth-generation family owned concrete business, the owners of Ozinga know that many of their customers are regularly under-appreciated and unrecognized. With that in mind, they wanted to create something that would honor those customers and recognize their hard work and dedication.

Together, we built a social media campaign that captured the essence of the construction industry and shared it in a unique and compelling way. We interviewed and photographed workers on job sites, and from those wrote stories, paired with iconic photos, that positioned everyday construction workers as heroes.

This campaign stood out in news feeds and resonated with readers, allowing Ozinga to generate all kinds of social engagement including hundreds of comments, likes, and shares. More importantly, Ozinga was able to communicate their dedication very clearly to their customers and to their industry.


Ozinga is a family-owned, American company dedicated to serving customer, co-worker, and community. Ozinga provides concrete, bulk materials, and energy solutions while offering transportation services through an extensive network of truck, rail, barge, and ship terminals.